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May 07

3 Key Tips to Build a Business Case for Content Marketing

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Globally Content Marketing is emerging as the go-to strategy for lead generation and it’s now gaining popularity with New Zealand marketers. So if your business is new to Content Marketing, how do you go about building the business case and convincing senior management?

Find out why your planning your pitch carefully is so important and our three tips for building a successful business case.

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Apr 28

Content Marketing gets Native

By Sonia Slattery Get Stuff Done 1 Comment Click here to read/write comments

Talk to people in the advertising industry and you can get wildly different views on what native advertising is. For some it’s content partnerships between brands and publishers, for others it's paid content promotion, and for a few it’s a new way to push advertising at people. Find out how native advertising is a natural complement to a good Content Marketing strategy.

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Mar 16

HubSpot vs CMS – what can HubSpot do that a CMS can’t?

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We have the privelge of meeting many talented marketers who just want to get on with the job of doing Content Marketing. To help them communicate to their internal stakeholders what HubSpot can do compared to their existing website CMS, we've prepared this article. Hope it helps!


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Mar 06

Done by Friday steps up with HubSpot Certification

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Done by Friday has received HubSpot Certification.
HubSpot Certification requires partners to undergo an extensive 17 module training course, sit a 90 minute written exam and pass a practicum covering all areas of inbound marketing best practise on the HubSpot platform.

HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform and works hand-in-hand with Agency Partners, like Done by Friday, to provide inbound software, services and support.

“We're pleased that we've achieved certification. It's another milestone in the development of our inbound marketing expertise and the growth of the agency. Our goal is to be the leading Content Marketing agency in New Zealand and we'll continue to invest in training and expertise to achieve this,” said Boyd Wason, Managing Director at Done by Friday.

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Feb 20

How to hire a Content Marketing Agency

By Boyd Wason World Gone Digital, Get Stuff Done 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

It’s clear — smart companies are adapting in a world gone digital and shifting their marketing spend to where buyers are doing their research and discovery — online. It’s just common sense when 79% of shoppers are spending at least 50% of their shopping time researching products online.

However, most New Zealand businesses don’t have the time and resources required to up-skill people on Content Marketing must-haves and to develop a co-ordinated approach across disparate digital channels. Smart NZ companies are turning to agencies for help - but there's agencies, and there's agencies who 'get' Content Marketing. How can you tell the difference and choose the right Content Marketing agency for your business?

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Feb 20

Persona Power

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Here at DBF we’ve used personas for many years to help us design digital campaigns that resonate with the target audience. Now, helping our clients understand and develop personas is a vital first step in developing their Content Marketing strategy. So, what exactly is a persona? How does it aid the creation of relevant content? And how do you create personas? Read on and don't forget to download our free Persona Template.

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Feb 16

Content Marketing brings Sexy back for Email

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Email is back – and sexier than ever. Always a solid performer, a well executed email marketing programme has, in recent years, been pushed aside by its 'cooler' social media counterparts. But with Content Marketing in the house, email is back in the bedroom - so be ready for some new moves.

Armed with a persona-centric view of your marketing database, a good content marketing platform and a few new tricks, you'll be swinging from the chandeliers in no time (that is, driving more sales leads for your business!).

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Feb 05

Social Media, Cats and Content Marketing

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I'm sure you appreciate that Social Media is for more than just liking funny cat pictures or tweeting what someone said on TV. Recently we’ve come across a number of businesses that are struggling to see how they can harness the power of Social Media, that is until we’ve shown them how it use it to generate leads as part of a Content Marketing programme.

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Feb 02

6 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTICS to start doing today to build your brand

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You’re bound to have heard numberous strategies and theories about how to build a social media following for brands - content is king, it’s a two-way conversation, don’t be salesy - maybe you’ve even read chapter 29 in our eBook – 32 Proven Content Marketing Tips, Tricks and Ideas

These strategies are all correct, but how do you turn these ideas into practise? Here are a few tactics you can start implementing today to build upon these fundamental strategies. 

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Dec 10

Top 5 Content Marketing Tips of 2014

By Boyd Wason Get Stuff Done 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

Over the year we've looked at a lot of techniques to improvesales lead generation and tested many tactics in campaigns we've run.  Here are our top 5 Content Marketing tips from 2014 ...

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