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Nov 27

The Power of Video Content

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Video can be an extreamely effective content tool, but too often the focus on making the video overshadows the marketing. Here’s 3 things to consider when making and marketing video content.

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Nov 10

Taylor Swift, Spotify, and Clever Content

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In 32 Proven Content Marketing Tips, Tricks and Ideas we wrote about Newsjacking.  

Here's a great article from Marc Cowlin writing for This Moment about how Spotify took advantage of the less than positive news that Taylor had withdrawn from not just Spofity, but a number of other streaming music services.  

I did a little further digging of my own and found that Pandora have negotiated an agreement with Swift's record label to play her music - look forward to seeing how Pandora shake up Social Media with some newsjacketing of their own.
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Oct 21

Content Is Not King

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In pursuing the thinking that ‘Content is King’ you could end up wearing The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Brands have been persuaded by advertising and SEO experts that content is the latest and greatest silver bullet, so they’ve created the best new content outfits they can afford. Problem is, in today’s digital world consumers often never see the content, no matter how flash it is, if it hasn’t been developed as part of a well thought-out content marketing strategy.

The ‘Content is King’ approach uses a traditional mass-market advertising development process. A ‘big idea’ is developed which is used to create a piece of clever content, then a media company places it where it will disrupt the consumer the most. While this approach can achieve traditional results, it usually fails to achieve the key goal of a good content marketing strategy - measurable sales conversions.

Individual pieces of content aren’t ‘King’. But smart, sound content marketing strategies are, and they will deliver on the promise of marketing riches if approached the right way.

Content is better thought of like a gift. To buy someone the perfect gift requires careful thought and consideration. You have to know the person well and understand their likes and dislikes. While we intuitively do this for people we know, we need to work a little harder to get it right for the range of different consumer segments a business may have. The place to start is with the huge range of consumer data available to most businesses including: web traffic analytics; email reporting data; social media reporting; CRM data; customer surveys; public records; etc. When this information is combined with market knowledge, comprehensive profiles of key consumer segments and their habits and behaviours can be developed.

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Oct 18

Done by Friday is now a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

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Done by Friday has joined HubSpot as a Certified Agency Partner.

HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform and works hand-in-hand with Agency Partners to provide inbound software, services, and support.

“Engaging consumers and leading them along the path to purchase to a point of sale has always been at the heart of the digital marketing work we do. So the opportunity to work with the world’s leading inbound marketing platform provider strengthens our ability to devise and quickly deploy inbound and content programmes,” said Boyd Wason, Managing Director at Done by Friday.

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Oct 17

Top 7 Content Marketing Trends

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Jayson de Mers makes some very good points in this article on with his list of the top 7 Content Marketing trends.

The statistic that stood out the most for me was that 91% of B2B marketers in the US are now using content marketing - up from 60% only a year ago. I think he's correct when he puts some of this down to marketers bringing disparate elements already in use in their marketing activity (such as sales generation and social media), together under a content marketing plan or strategy. I also think he's on the money with his comments, in particular the quote from HubSpot about marketing automation not being a 'once and done' proposition.

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Aug 27

Making Sense of Digital Marketing Complexity

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The biggest barrier to improving the performance of most digital marketing programmes or platforms is complexity. And the best results are usually achieved when you simplify things.

So how do you overcome the barrier of complexity and improve performance?
The first step is to identify what areas can be simplified. Over the last 20 years we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a range of businesses on projects large and small. In our experience complexity seems to raise its ugly head at 3 key points on the path to purchase. These are areas where digital is used to interact with consumers. And rather than being the nirvana it’s promised to be, digital is often creating the complexity rather than making things easier.

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Aug 24

Demystifying APIs - simple as, as simple does.

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Think of APIs as the ‘neutrons’ of the digital world.

In very simple terms they allow businesses and people to connect their digital platforms and activities with other existing digital platforms and activities, without re-inventing the wheel every time. Facebook ‘share’ is an example of a simple API that everyone will be familiar with.

APIs made today’s generation of computing via smart phones possible. I’m sharing this article by ‘’ firstly to help demystify APIs, but primarily to highlight how important it is to get APIs working correctly to deliver the right user experiences.

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Aug 21

Flat is back and Digital Design Never Looked So Good

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For a while now people have been wondering what next big step apple will take to improve digital design features within the OSX software.

What can they possibly release next that will keep us as engaged as they did with the release of iPhone iOS 7.0? Well the wait is almost over… Apple’s OSX Yosemite is about to drop. We’re about to be hit with one of the biggest changes to Mac's digital design – ever. It will not only change the way you view your desktop, but the way you work. This is looking to be the biggest UX shift since the original release of the OSX operating system in March 2001. With a completely redesigned interface, every aspect of the operating system has been redefined, bit by bit.

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Jul 17

Is your digital marketing platform today-proof?

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There's a lot of talk in the UK right now about making sure your digital marekting platform is 'future proof'.

We see a lot of New Zealand companies agonising over tenders & capital funding submissions to future-proof their digital marketing investment, all the while the clock is ticking & opportunities for today are lost. And the opinion here is with the exponential rate of change, is ‘future-proofing’ even a viable goal in this day and age?

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Jul 17

The New Digital Marketing Divide

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Three years ago Gartner predicted that by 2017, marketing departments would spend more on ‘technology’ than IT departments. 

By many accounts this prediction is set to come true. Today over 50 percent of the technology spend outside of IT department budgets comes from marketing, and that’s on top of ITs own expenditure on marketing technology. In 2 years, Gartner predicts, 80 percent of marketing technology investments will come from outside of IT.

An increased focus on accountability and smart marketing post GFC appears to be driving this spend.  A recent Forrester report stated that 61% of marketers "expect to increase the proportion of technology spend versus marketing communication/program spend.

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