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Apr 18

Give Them Something They Can't Ignore

By Boyd Wason Insider, Form or Function 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

Without letting potential customers know what you can do, who will be interested in your company?

The offers you provide to web users can make a huge difference; the more engaged customers you have, the more likely you are to build a loyal fan base, drive sales, and grow revenue.

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Mar 22

Auckland #KiwiHUG Recap: 15 March 2016

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Pizza + Good Conversation - (Beer) x Donuts = A Successful #KiwiHUG!

It was great to see so many people navigate their way through the unforeseen construction work on Pakenham Street to get to our first event of the year. While we may have missed the beer, we hope you all enjoyed the donut supplements and were able to take at least one Ah-ha! a moment back to the office with you.

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Feb 24

Social Marketing 101: Making the Most of Facebook and LinkedIn

By Susanne Johnson Form or Function, Get Stuff Done 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

Social media is a driving force in marketing today, but it wasn't always.

Social media's early history was all about connecting with friends; where the idea of "sharing" was limited to a comment on a friend's My Space page or live journal entry.

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Feb 10

Hey Content Marketing! Where are You Taking us this Year?

By Sonia Slattery World Gone Digital 1 Comment Click here to read/write comments

A new year brings with it many things.

From resolutions to change for the better to a fresh, blank slate for your business and marketing objectives, 2016 brings with it a new series of content marketing predictions for the future, forcing a change in perspective from what 2015 had to offer.

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Jan 27

3 Myths that will affect the Success of your SEO Strategy in 2016

By Boyd Wason Form or Function 1 Comment Click here to read/write comments

How often do you find yourself relying on Google to get to some form of an answer?

Do you use it when you are actively looking to make a new purchase? Or is most of your search time consumed by getting the spelling right on a word that just won’t play ball with the suggestions in the corrections box?

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Jan 19

Co-Marketing Is Not the Trojan Horse You Think It Is

By Boyd Wason Insider 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

 In general, marketing is an individual sport. 

As an endeavor that helps grow companies, an effective approach must be sustainable, industry-specific, and carefully crafted, and sharing yours with others is generally a good way to help a competitor gain footing.

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Dec 18

Make Social Media Speak

By Boyd Wason Get Stuff Done 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

There are many ways for businesses to reach out to customers.

One of the most effective, however, has long been social media marketing. Providing companies with an easy, affordable way to reach millions of consumers, social media equips marketers with the tools to promote written and video content, solicit opinions, and grow customer loyalty.

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Dec 02

3 Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Landing Pages

By Scott Wheeler Form or Function, Get Stuff Done 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

When consumers encounter a compelling offer from a company, whether it's for a product, service, or subscription, it may seem as if the battle is half won.

Converting a new lead seems inevitable. That is, until the customer finds himself on your home page without an easy way to get what he's looking for. Suddenly, a sure thing becomes a lot more uncertain.

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Nov 20

How to Get Customers to Open Your Emails

By Boyd Wason Form or Function 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

An email marketing campaign can be extremely effective, giving you the opportunity to make your message available to thousands of subscribers with a few easy clicks.

That is, of course, if they can be bothered to open your emails. One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is not only crafting an interesting piece of content worthy of distribution but doing so in a way that will make sure your emails are read rather than sent straight to the ‘spam box’.

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Nov 13

3 Ways to Optimise Your Blog for Search Engines

By Boyd Wason Get Stuff Done 0 Comments Click here to read/write comments

Your content plays a huge role in your business' success, helping you expand your reach and enhancing your visibility on the Internet.

Many companies employ various optimisation techniques, but with the changing algorithms running the world's biggest search engines, staying ahead of the curve can be essential to drawing in your target audience.

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