We’re looking for a Content Marketing Account Manager. 

Content Marketing agency Done by Friday (or DBF to our friends) is looking for a Content Marketing Account Manager. Content Marketing is an emerging new discipline and as such you’re unlikely to have this in your current job description (but all the better if you do!). So what we’re looking for, more than anything, is an ambitious person with the right background, who has the desire to learn quickly.  

The successful candidate is going to be turned into a Content Marketing Rock Star, so it’s vital that you have all of the skills and abilities listed below.

As a candidate you’ll be able to:

  • Detail your successful track record as an account manager in a digital or specialist media agency, such as Social Media or Search, for at least 2 years.
  • Tell us about the relationships you’ve built with clients at a variety of levels. Not the type where they like you, but the type where they value you for the input you provide.
  • Demonstrate to us a sound understanding of a range of digital marketing disciplines and platforms.
  • Prove you have developed innovative ideas for campaigns based on real client needs and have produced these campaigns to a high standard.
  • Provide examples where you have successfully project managed a client through an entire development process from strategy to launch with minimum scope creep and without issues.
  • Show us your understanding of digital and your ability to present campaign and design concepts. We want to know how good you are at sharing the reasoning and best practices behind your ideas and how they fit the brief.
  • Prove you know how to use data to make recommendations to help clients improve campaign performance.
  • Demonstrate that you can communicate through written word. You must be able to clearly communicate with clients through email and prepare accurate written briefs for content producers. We want to see you can edit content before publication or even jump in and produce Social Media posts.