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Marketing Automation.

Find out what's behind the buzz word. This technology allows you to seriously streamline your marketing activity, gives you better control and visibility over your efforts and drives better business outcomes. Get the eBook and get on the train!


What can you expect from this eBook?


Learn how to overcome the biggest challenges marketers face.

Generating traffic and leads, proving the ROI of marketing activities, securing enough budget... yes, these are all challenges that keep marketers up at night.
Fortunately, automation can help.


Explore all the tasks that you can automate.

Ever feel like you're bogged down with mundane day-to-day tasks? Marketing automation can help you cross off the most boring to-dos so you can get back to the work that will help your business grow.


Receive genuine, expert advice from marketers using automation.

We're marketing experts, and we're not just talking the talk... we're using marketing automation in our Inbound strategies everyday. That means these pages are full of actionable advice.


If you’re serious about generating leads, you need to get serious about the tools you use to support this strategy.

Sonia Slattery

Head of Delivery, Done by Friday.

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